It makes you wonder sometimes…

why commercials and tv make it seem like cooking or making time to cook a dinner is difficult. Well I guess for companies they want you to buy there stuff so they can make money off of you, and tv reflects a lot of what is acutally going on.

but I have found, since I have been out of work, that growing and making your own food is empowering, and enlightening and wait for it….FUN!

Add to that you can do it for less then going out, and it is better for you, all I can say is I wish I would have figured this out a while ago 😉

Sometimes there just isn’t time in the day, but then, maybe we need to look at all we are doing and see if we can cut something out, so we have say 1 hr to slow down, cook, and eat dinner together. It is amazing, what slowing down just a little can accomplish.

Did you know that during the wars people were encouraged to grow their own Victory Gardens? Why don’t we start encouraging our own Victory Gardens. Victory for the common man over the multi billion dollar companies that don’t care about our health, only their pocketbook.

The only thing that gets anyone’s attention anymore is money, so get them where it hurts, if they can’t provide the good, clean, real food our bodies need and deserve we will grow our own and save our money for more important things then their profit margins and dividend returns.


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