GMO’s – why all the secrecy

It seems funny to me that the group that wants the GMO labeling spend 9 m and the big corps who don’t want it spent 46m to avoid it, and one of the reasons was the cost of the labeling? How many labels could they have made with 46m?

I think the main reason they don’t want to label is because we would then really see how much of our food is GMO’d. And we would probably not like it. Think about it, Cheerios is making the main cereal GMO free but the CAN:T do the other flavors because most of the other items used to make it are GMO. Not that they don’t want to but Can’t.

Did you know that GMO plant seeds can’t reproduce? That means once you use and plant it you are stuck going back to them, because the plants can’t flower seed and reproduce on their own, so isn’t that in essence a monopoly??

If you are going to grow your own fruits and veggies you need to get non-gmo plants and seeds, which is harder then it seems.

To bad big business can control our food supply instead of the government protecting it’s citizens like every other country does.


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