Could saving Africa help cool global warming?

Just follow me here, the world is warming, Trees pull in a lot of the crap that contributes to global warming, AFrica is a huge continent that if filled with trees could effect the earth’s temp.

How then do we cool down Africa and get grass, food and trees growing? Well, you know all those hunks of ice that keep falling into the ocean? What if we were to harness a few of those and take them over to Africa?

Put then in the dry lake and river beds and let them melt, the water would go down into the earth and evap up in the sky. Thus seeding the clouds with water and that water would then come back down, starting a new cycle of water.

Would it happen overnight? No, but it could work.

How many billions of dollars goes to Africa right now but the people still suffer? This could put a lot of African’s to work and at the same time keep the benefits out of the wrong hands.

It could work, and a green and vibrant lush Africa could just save the rest of the world.

Think about it.


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