Biotin – Booyah

Well hell, it works.

I have always “shed” I can remember my parents yelling at me to clean up the hair in the tub, and my husband complains about my hair all over also. I have also had bad nails, they “peel” they are so flimsy that I can peel layers off the them and then they tear so I never have nail.

A while back (ok a long while back) I went to a hair salon from groupon and the hairdresser said I should try Biotin. Well, a few months back I was in Big Lots and they had a bottle for $3.00 and I figured what the heck, I would give it a try and Holy Cow it works.

My “shedding” is down about 75% and I have nails, healthy nail. Now there is a down side, when you get nails you were never used to having, you tend to poke and scratch sensitive places on your and your loved ones until you get used to them 🙂

I wish someone would have told me about this sooner!


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