Lobbying…..legal bribery….shouldn’t be allowed

Lobbying, is legal bribery, we all know it, but the politicians love all the free stuff. No more, if I was president, lobbying would be stopped.

If there was a law coming up that people were for or against, then there would be a monthly meeting, where everyone, for or against could show up and state their case. This monthly meeting would be televised and webcast so that everyone interested could see who all the players are.

There will be no “closed door deals”, no more “meetings on the golf course” or “training sessions” in Hawaii.

Just think how much less things would cost with out all the time and money being spent to “buy” yes “BUY” votes.

No longer will big companies be able to overwhelm with their money resources, everyone will be allotted the same time to present their arguments to congress and the people.


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