I can have my PB & J and eat it too ;)

So as a lot of you know I have PCOS, which means I get to work twice as hard to lose half the weight, woo hoo for me. So for me low carbs is a life style not a diet.

When I diet, I drop them even further, which is HARD. So I am jonesin for a PB&J sandwich. I pull out the low carb pitas, which by the way are great!! I can make them a pita, a flatbread, or regular bread depending on how I cook them or not.

I spread some whipped PJ and think, damn, I really want some jelly, but it is a no-no, then I think, heck I will skip the middle man, berries are the best lowest carb fruit, why screw with them, I just got some out of the fridge and added them my sandwich, and walah…my PB&J which I am now going to eat!

Takes good, low cal, low carb, low cost, no artificial additives…what is there not to love?


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