Au Naturale is Awesome…..losing weight is even better

OMG, I think it must have taken at least a year for most of the artificial additive crap to work it’s way out of my system. I don’t think it is all gone, since I have been getting it for most of my life, but maybe like smoking, if you quit soon enough, your body can recover.

Usually when I do my diets, lower my carbs, up my exercise, I am excited when I go to get by B-12 shot and they say I have lost .05 lbs. I am only 5 2/3, so each 5lbs is a size for me.

So the last few times I have went for my shot, wait for it.. I lost over 1lb! Woop Woop Happy Freaking dance!

I haven’t done anything different then I have done over the years except for 1 thing, cut out the artificial crap. Between the weight loss and my husbands better sleeping I think it is pretty clear, it is working to clear out my body. That may be why most vegans are in good shape, not that they aren’t eating meat, but everything they eat isn’t soaked in artificial additives.

I go never go vegan or vegetarian completely, and I think there are more additives then just in our meat and diary, look at cheerios, they can only make one of their cereals non-gmo because it is everywhere. Why aren’t more people worried?

So I will continue to slowly switch as much as I can to non-artificial additives…soon I am going to try making butter, got a kit, only question….is heavy whipping cream the same as heavy cream??


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