Snap! Owww! Shit, broken ankle

I was getting ready to go bike yoga (how ironic is that) when I stepped off the walk wrong and fell, I heard a “snap” thought SHIT, and Owww.

I couldn’t walk, so I pushed my self on my back with the other foot, up the walk, got my keys out, pulled my self thru the door, (the dogs being of no help) and pushed on my back to the kitchen, where I was able to reach up and get my cell phone and call my husband “can you come home early please, I think I broke my ankle”.

He comes home, I can’t put any weight on the foot, so we use an office chair to get me to the car, when we get to the dr office, I try hopping, but it jars my foot so in the end my husband has to pick me up and get me in the office.

We have a marriage that is good and humorous, so he says that if “you are going to be a clutz you need to lose weight so I can carry you” I said “shiiit, I am not too heavy maybe your just weak!”.

Actually it is a little of both, which we were already working on, till this happened. So after 1 hr of waiting, they get the xrays done and YEP, broke it. They put an immobilizer on it and then tell me I have to go see a Ortho Surg. WWWhhaat. Shit, I thought I was done.

So I get my referral, call up and of course that guys is gone for 2 weeks so now I am waiting for a new referral.

This ankle thing sucks big time.


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