When is bathing a “luxury”???

Well, went to ortho, I broke my ankle bone and did something to a ligament. So I am in a cast for 3 weeks. I could have tried the boot, but he said right now he thinks no surgery, but 1% don’t heal right and need surgery, I will be that 1%, so my chances of healing correctly are better with the cast.

I was worried about bathing so he tells us they have a new cast option, that is waterproof but not covered under insurance because it is considered a “luxury”…WTF, I don’t consider bathing a luxury, so we paid the extra. It is basically gortex under the cast and I guess it will repel the water.

Also, casts have changed since the last time I had one, some 30 odd years ago. I went with the bright pink, but I could have got blue, purple, red, camo, yelow, green, or my fav Glow In the Dark 🙂

At least I bather and shaved before the dr visit. I am not gonna want to see that leg in 3 weeks. Sheesh.

I did give the crutches a try, that is how I got to the dr office, they are hard, I almost fell a few times, hello…if I had any balance I wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.


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