Here goes nuthin’ but meat, diary, and eggs…

maybe…not sure I can be a vegan. I believe I can be a vegetarian , but no sure about that faux cheese 🙂

I already try and make sure not to buy or eat anything with artificial crap in it, and really, I have not been able to work out, walk, or anything for 3 weeks and I haven’t gained any weight. Yea me!

So now I am going to up it up a notch, and see about cutting out meat, and try on the dairy and eggs. If I do eat or use them I will be getting the grass fed, free range kind.

So here goes nuthin’ I start today.

Breakfast – Strawberries…they were good, but I put a little granola (organic-non-gmo-artificial crap) on the last few.

Snack – carrots and hummus

Lunch Pending – salad – You know me, mrs fugal, so I had part of leftover salad dinner at a restaurant the night before – lettuce, cucumber, and yes a itty bit of cheese, so I added, tomatoes, cauliflower, garlic and herb tofu, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, carrots. It was actually to big so I only ate 1/2.

Dinner Pending – Gain, I had some leftover pasta from dinner the night before, it also had dried tomatoes, mushroom, brocoli. My husband watched me take out the regular pasta (cause I am skipping refined stuff also) and I replaced it with my homemade soy & spinach pasta, plus I added some more mushrooms and some faux chicken strips. Uhh, they did NOT taste like chicken, not sure what they tasted like but they were fine, I also had the other 1/2 of my salad
from lunch.

Desert – Mint Tofuti Cuttie…mmm good.

So I did good today….not meat, dairy or eggs, or processed or artificial crap. The first day of the rest of my life. The real test is going to see if I can make it for the first month.

Thanks y’all for cheering me on 🙂


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