Day 2 of the road to the new me

hopefully a smaller and healthier version. It is interesting, my grocery store bill was lower with the new eatting then the old. Woo hoo, my wallet is the only thing getting bigger.

Breakfast – Apple and peanut butter. I had bought whipped pb, they later i bought the Planters pb with fruit in it. So I mixed them both together to reduce the carbs and calories. That is what I used. It is all gone now. Moving on to what ever pb is left in the cupboard. Remember, I use it up and replace with the better stuff, I don’t throw away my current stuff. I have been eating it for ^%$ years so a few more days ain’t gonna kill me 🙂

I can honestly say though that I wasn’t really hungry except once when I pulled out the carrots and hummus. Again, this isn’t a diet, it is more of a lifestyle change.

Snack – Atkins candies – they taste just like M&M’s yumm

Lunch – pumpkin soup, salad (added kale to a salad like yesterdays), Tofurkey Polish Sausage. Well, it tasted good, but NOT like a polish sausage. The good thing is I like tofu, was eating before because I like it. But if you were going for this to taste like the package, nope.

Snack – Jumba Juice – mango & yellow veggies…got to thinking, what are yellow veggies…carrots…uh…no idea after that

Dinner – brown rice, steamed kale, mushrooms and faux chicken, with lemon herb dressing

Desert – Mint Tofuti Cuttie of course


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