Day 3 of the new Me…

I have come to the conclusion, you have to think of all the choices you get, not focus on the stuff you shouldn’t (not can’t because, we know you can and will if you want to 🙂 when you decide to eat better.

This leads you to new and exotic things you may not have tried before. I can have all the fruit I want, but I am going to get tired of the same ole fruits, so now I have a huge selection of fruits I never got around to trying before. Who knows what new favorites I will find 🙂 The same with veggies, there are lots out there so here goes the taste bud revolution 😉

Breakfast – Strawberries, raspberries and NEW Sumo Tangerine ( it looks funny, but is easy to peel and tastes good!) with some Soy Mango Yogurt, again, this doesn’t taste like regular yogurt, (It tastes ok, more like kinds of thin mango pudding, then yogurt), with some granola mixed in.

Lunch- Toasted PB&J sandwich, dried snap peas (better then you would expect), I started eating there a while ago, they are yummy, and some more of the Sumo Tangerine.

snack – Sumo Tangerine – this thing is HUGE

Dinner – Woo Hoo went to Veggie Grill and got the Chiken Platter. This is good stuff. Now this really does taste like Fried chicken. Again, I have gone here before I started this new phase. It is the Chicken, Mash Potates (made with potatoes and cauliflower) with mushroom gravy and a Kale Salad. It be good.

Desert – Frozen Banana, raspberrie and blackberries & PB & Honey blended then strained (hate those seeds) for a shake.


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