Day 4 … will be a day to test my resolve

One of the hardest things so far is cooking for my family and not “testing” the food to make sure it is good 🙂

But today I am going to lunch with some friends from my old job, we always meet at the BBQ Place, not sure what I am going to be eating for lunch today.

Breakfast – Pear, darn it was juicy and yummy, not the usual bartlett. Then a small amount of the mango soy yogurt with granola and a handfull of “honey bunches of oats” cereal. Needed a little more then just fruit today.

Snack- n/a

Lunch – I did pretty good. I ordered the potato with Cheese/Sour Cream/Bacon. Very little of the cheese sour cream and maybe 1 slice of bacon, Cole Slaw and the Corn Bread. Usually I order the 2 meat choice platter, so overall I think I did pretty good.

Snack – n/a

Dinner – Garlic Herb Tofu & Mushrooms, Artichoke. Now as I said I am not sure about being Vegan, but I am doing my best, so I had Miracle Whip instead of butter, but it is full or unnatural crap…so 6 of 1 1/2 a dozen of another.

Desert – Mint Tofuti Cutti


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