Day 7… the other weekend day….

Went shopping to resupply for the coming week. Have to say, I spent 40 last week and I still have some of that food left, so I was able to eat on the days we stayed home for less then 8 a day for 3 meals. So it seems you can eat healthy on a budget.

Did I follow it completely? No, but then again, this is a lifestyle change, it is going to take a while and like I said, the whole Vegan thing most likely won’t happen, but I will reduce my intact drastically. The biggest thing is actually getting rid of all the artifical stuff. Which happens naturally when you eat what nature provides. It is the processed stuff that is killing us.

Breakfast – n/a
snack – n/a
Lunch – Wahoo’s Tofu Bowl – Tofu, beans, rice 🙂
snack – Mango Tango fruit drink from Wholefoods
Dinner – Corner Bakery – Tomato Basil Soup – Mozzarella Sandwich – Pickle
Snack – Almond Dream – Ice Cream Sandwich (even better then the Tofuti Cuttie)


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