Day 9 …… fell a little behind

Hey that rhymes:)

As I said I am not Vegan, but I do care about where my dairy and eggs come from. So I had eggs for breakfast today.



But they weren’t as good as I remember them to be, my taste buds must be a changin’.

Breakfast – Eggs, Toast (bread I made) with Butter (I made) and Jam (I made).

Snack – chocolate covered banana bites – 1/2 c diet coke, I know,I know, diet coke is the devil, but nothing goes with chocolate like cold diet coke 😉

lunch – apple with pb (kind of switched up breakfast and lunch today 🙂

snack – atkins candy’s (m&m ones, so good)

dinner – artichoke, tortilla crispy’d up, salad with tofu

dessert – almond dream non-dairy ice cream sandwich.


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