Soup – the unsung hero of the kitchen….

I had a bunch of stuff in the fridge that was on the edge of going bad, kale, celery, carrots, tofu…ect. And you know how I hate to throw away food, so I though what the heck can I do with this stuff? Then it came to me..Soup!

So I cut up the celery and started boiling it, because it takes a long time to soften, then I cut up some carrots and threw them in. After a while I added the kale which was kinda limp and wouldn’t be good for salad, but I chopped it up and it works fine in the soup. I added mushrooms and tomatoes. Then I found a can of chopped up tomatoes with seasoning so I added those and some kidney beans. Plus some of the Vegan Chicken I had left and some other tofu cubes.

So now I have a big pot of soup that is good. Of course there is so much, and I am the only who will eat it, so I am adding it to the dogs food also. Good for them, good for me, used up a bunch of stuff so it didn’t go bad. Yea Holly Homemaker eat yer heart out!


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