Day 11……. almost like heaven, been having a good day, plus it rhymes

So 1/2 to my 21 day mark 🙂 I am feeling good and finding it fairly easy to stick to the new way of life. It is a lot easier now then say 5 or 10 years ago, much more mainstream then “hippy”. Again it is easier to find organic and veggie then non-gmo and additive free, but that is getting easier to thanks to Whole Foods.

I am making bread again, added some Butter (yep homemade) and Honey (nope, bee made) to the batch, hope it tastes good. I eat a spoonful of honey a day to keep the illness away, since I started haven’t been sick, go figure.

HA, HA, HAAAA …. my bread tastes like the stuff you get in the store, only better, not super sweet and no artificial shinola. Woop Woop, now excuse me why I go toast some of my bread and spread it with my homemade butter and jelly.

If it is not raw all the good stuff has been cooked away.


Breakfast – Strawberries, Raspberries, Soy Yogurt (other 1/2 from yesterday), granola.
snack – n/a
lunch – Faux chicken sliders again, they are good, but not a lot, so I think lunch is better for them. Had them with some chips I brought back from Corner bakery….what, they were free and no one else is going to eat them.
snack – 1/2 a Costco Pumpkin Spice muffin, why? because I found it in the freezer and ding, it is vegetarian. It is great not worrying about every little calorie or carb, because this is a life style and not a diet.

dinner- Went to the Greek Food Place – had 5 shrimp, Greek Salad, Greek Beans, gave the Pita bread to my husband, since I had a bunch of bread earlier.

dessert – n/a


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