Day 12……chicka now brown cow…yes I love “2 broke girls”

So day 12 on to path to the new me. I love my family but sometimes…jesh…..I was making my bread the other day and telling my son I added butter and honey, and his is like “wait, your Vegan, you can’t use honey, it comes from bees!”. I was like ” I am sooo not Vegan buddy, I am lowering my consumption of Dairy and Fowl, by about 90% but I ain’t giving it up completely, so I can use the honey” ..He is like “ok, just making sure”. I guess I did something right with my boys 🙂

Breakfast – n/a – got busy in the AM, wasn’t to hungry anyway, ate to much bread yesterday I think (muffin and home baked bread)

Lunch – finally, waiting for Hubby to let me know if we are meeting or not, met a Carl’s, had the lettuce wrapped Jalapeno Turkey burger, without the Jalapenos or onions. I don’t like peppers, onions, or jalepenos, but I like the mayo and cheese they use on this one. Not liking these veggies does cause some issues, because for some strange reason onions seem to be in everything…ewwwwww!

Snack – Skinny Cow milk choc clusters. umm good 🙂

Dinner – Wings N things – veggie bowl – carrots celery olives pita bread cucumber, hummus
Asian place – lobster and crab & avacodo roll, BJ’s Choc Pizzoki


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