Making it yourself is pretty awesome

you might be surprised, I know I was, at how much you enjoy the fact that you made something yourself. Once 1 item goes well, you start trying other things. The best part is you know exactly what you are putting in you and your family’s body. You can feel better knowing they are eating better.

I started making stuff so I could eat the things I like with lower carbs, lots of times it is health issues that start you on your way. But in this day and age, all processed food is really a health issue. Don’t for one moment think that big business cares about you or your family’s health, all they care about is profit.

So far I can make low carb pasta, this is great to add veggies to so the kids don’t even know they are there, they just think the pasta comes in cool colors. Spinach – green, carrots – orange.

I have a bread maker for wheat bread, but you can make all sorts of things in it.

I made homemade jelly from frozen fruits in my freezer that I froze before they went bad, and I was waiting for an idea to do something with them.

I just made my own butter, as you read, that was very hard, but I tell you what, when you put it in the pan to cook with or spread it on something to eat, you really enjoy and appreciate it.

Try making your own stuff, you will be surprised how little time it actually takes to make healthy food.


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