Day 14 … its peachy keen 2/3’s there

I guess my new lifestyle is to reduce my consumption by the following:

4 legged meat by 99.9%
Fish & Fowl by 95%
Dairy by 90%

Again, I can do this fairly easy because I like tofu, and I have never been a real heavy meat eater in the first place. I however am not asking or forcing my family to make the change. They will do it on their own if they want to. The totally respect my decision though which is nice.

I have already been committed to reducing the consumption by my whole family of GMO Foods and foods with artificial and harmful additives and ingredients as much as possible. Thus going Au Naturale, and yes this I am doing slowly and they don’t have a clue. HA!

My stomach feels better today, yea!

Breakfast n/a
snack n/a
Lunch – Blat sandwich, Mr. Pickles, Bacon (yes, I love bacon) lettuce, tomato, avocado, choc chip cookie
Snack – oatmeal cookie (can’t say no to my mom’s cookie) plus it is vegetarian and natural and pretty darn good
Dinner – (Outback) mahi, grilled veggies, bread
Dessert – Almond dream Icecream sandwich


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