Day 16 – life is getting back to normal…

Finally, I can get back to my regular routine…need to get back in shape before vacation in July. I didn’t gain any weight, actually lost some with my new lifestyle, but I need work on getting some stamina back and get my ankle in shape so it doesn’t hurt and I stop walking like a duck:)

Breakfast – had So Delicious Coconut milk yogurt….Finally.. it actually tastes like yogurt šŸ™‚ with strawberries and granola

snack – n/a
lunch – Homemade Bread with PB and homemade Jelly
snack – choc covered banana
dinner – Oh yea, who said eating healthy is boring?? I had my version of chicken and waffles, yea thats right šŸ™‚
I used my crispy faux chicken patties, between some small frozen pancakes, and poured on some syrup and my homemade jelly, and boom. It was goooood!
dessert – Tofuti Cuttie


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