Day 17 ….. creativity helps in the kitchen

As I mentioned before, it helps to look at the healthy changes as an adventure, look at all the stuff you can have and don’t dwell on the stuff you are avoiding. Thus that is how I came up with my Chicken and Pancakes the other day. That was tasty 🙂 Also, those darn pancakes had been there a while and you know how I hate to waste food.

Breakfast – Banana
snack – n/a
lunch – Del Taco Turkey Taco & Tostada. Darn, they were pretty tasty 🙂 I don’t like onions so I skipped the Pico and just had them put Tomatoes on instead. Plus a dollop of sour cream.
snack – choc covered banana
dinner – Chik-fil-a, I used to eat 12 nuggets and some of my husband’s fries. Instead I got the Cobb Salad which is probably 6 nuggets worth of chicken. So I cut my consumption here by 50%.
dessert – Tofutti Cuttie


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