Day 19….. it’s kind of frighting….

all the artificial stuff that is in our food. But it is getting easier to find more and more natural and non-gmo foods. Lets hope this trend continues. And you can sneak the good stuff in for your family and they won’t even know it. I took 1/2 of my Strawberry Jam and filled up the store bought jar with it, so it is 1/2 & 1/2 🙂 Get creative.

Breakfast n/a
Snack N/a
Brunch???? – wasn’t hungry for breakfast but after yoga I was hungry so but them together 🙂 Low Carb Homemade Pasta, Tofurkey Polish Sausage, that doesn’t taste like a sausage, not bad, just not a sausage, with mushrooms and Italian Herb dressing. Pretty good.
Snack – dark choc nature valley granola bar – what I be lazy, it is ready to eat 🙂
Dinner – ok, I fell off the wagon and as I was trying to get back on it rolled over me:) We went to Fridays and my only choice was a chicken breast with veggies, (however, it was a very small thin piece of chicken) and then I had a Berry Shake with Ice Cream 🙂
Dessert – n/a


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