Went to the dentist…not sure which hurts worse…

The deep cleaning, the bill for the deep cleaning, or the estimate for the dental work I need.

Wait, how about ALL of the above. OMG…seriously…and I have dental insurance!!!

We also had a HSA – Health Savings Account, where they take the money pre-tax from your check to use on medical/vision/dental expenses. Well, it is gone now 😦 They put the whole amount in the account on Jan 1 and they deduct a set amount from my husbands paycheck every two weeks. This way you can use it right away but it comes out in smaller amounts so it doesn’t hurt so bad. You just need to make sure you use it all up before the end of the year because it doesn’t carry over. However, they might have changed it to 500 carryover now. But still we don’t need to worry about that because it ALL be gone.

We are going to have to triple it next year for me to get the dental work done I need. The good thing is the tax savings will reduce the cost my at least 35%. But I have to wait til next year. Still out of work since last Jan 7, 2013.

If your company or spouse company offers this option I would take it. Saves in taxes, and helps manage the costs over 12 months better.


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