A little bit of change, by a Lot of people would make a huge difference

When you look at some other countries in the world, lets say Italy, known for Pasta, Wine, eating late, and look at the health and weight of their people it is much better then America.

I think a couple of reasons, the number one is the stuff we put in our food, did you know that a lot of countries will not accept Imports of American food because of the stuff we use? They won’t subject there people to it, what does that say about our leaders???

Another thing is consumption of meat and dairy, do I think everyone should stop eatting meat? Not if they don’t want to. What I think would be good is that instead of meat being the main course, it is part of the dinner. Italy example, it is pasta with meat sauce, the main dinner is Pasta, the meat sauce is a extra. Of course the whole meal is Salad, Bread, Wine, Pasta with meat sauce. Not Meat and Potatoes like we do it hear. Maybe instead of meatless Monday, we should just cut down the amount of meat and dairy we take in, not cut it out completely unless you want to.

Just think if America as a whole cut their consumption by 25% That would be HUGE. Some would cut more, some less, but in the end everyone would benefit.

And to we need to get all the GMO feed, and antibiotics and artificial stuff out of the meat and diary and everything else we eat. When they have to add coloring to cheese to get it Orange because the cows aren’t being fed right, something is wrong in America.

When other countries ban Imports of our foods because of artificial ingrediants something is really wrong with America.

We need to get big business out of our food, they are in it for the money, not for our health.


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