Routine….sometimes It is nice to have one

I am finally back to my old self, and hopefully new health routine.

I get up in the AM and may or may not eat depending if I am hungry or not 🙂

I feed the dogs, give Iggy his shot,
clean the kitchen,
go to yoga, I am hoping to start back biking to yoga to help with the exercise and weightloss,
then I spend the rest of my time selling things on my Etsy, Tophatter and Bonanza sites and cleaning the house, making my homemade items (bread, jam, pasta) and running errands and volunteering.
Thursdays I usually go to lunch with some of my friends from where I used to work.

You would be surprised how busy I am, I know I am. I expected to be really bored by now but I’m not. But I am looking for a part-time job now also. Not really looking for Full-time stress, just a little part-time to keep my skills and brain sharp 🙂


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