the new me….eating better….almost vegetarian, not gonna make vegan

I have had it easier then most I think to stop eating red meat, I never ate much of it to begin with. The dairy has been a little harder, much I have found a substitute with the soy for my yogurt, I eat very little cheese now, and on 4/10/14 was my first use of milk (in my non-gmo cheerios with strawberries and blackberries) since I started my new eating habits.

I have no problem using soy, almond, rice milk in my cooking and baking, not sure about in my cereal or glass of chocolate milk yet.

The hardest thing to get out of my diet I have found is poultry. I like and have always eaten chicken and turkey, I like the substitutes out there, and if Tofu or alternative is offered I always take it. But quite often, if there isn’t any Tofu, I find my self eating chicken. I have drastically cut down the eggs is eat to none, but I will use them in baking.

So while I am about 90% vegetarian, I am not sure I will ever be 100%. I know Vegan isn’t going to happen. But I try my best to eat free range, non-antibioticed up, local, poultry and dairy.


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