Dessert Bullet – my bday gift

Woo Hoo, my kids listen to me 🙂 I got a Dessert Bullet for my bday. I tried the banana and strawberries, it was good, but not really sweet. So I added some honey and it was better.

But today, I used the banana’s and added Noosa Lemon Yogurt (yes dairy) not soy, and it was yummy! I am going to try it with my PB & Honey next.

It is cool how you stick in pieces of fruit and it comes out a lot like frozen yogurt. And booyah, all that fruit I froze instead of throwing away….now it is going to good use. (insert happy dance here).

See, my total stance against throwing food out it working in my favor. I don’t need to go buy bagged frozen fruit, I have enough in my fridge.

And, besides using the dairy yogurt, you can make this as vegetarian or vegan friendly as you want and NO artificial crapola.

So yes Virginia you can have your yogurt and eat it to 🙂


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