What to do….what to eat….I ponder while standing at the fridge

hmm, let’s see, cauliflower, artichoke, tofu, potatoes on the counter.

I bought a bag of potatoes for $2.99, a bag of Ore Ida Fries or tots at Target is $2.99. I used 3 potatoes and made more fries then are in the bag of fries, and I still had potatoes left over.

So I cut up and boiled some potatoes and the cauliflower, added some milk and wahla, mashed cauliflower, tastes just like mashed potatoes but cuts down on the calories and carbs. Ok, I did cheat a little, I had a small container of KFC potatoes and gravy that I added, but it is SMALL and the pot is large!

I steamed 2 small artichokes (how did someone figure they were good to eat, really??) and when they were about done I cut up the Teriyaki Tofu, this is so great because I haven’t mastered the art of tofu yet, but this is precooked and seasoned, and threw it in the steam to finish with the artichokes.

Very good dinner, no meat, our fowl, just a little dairy 🙂


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