Well, went on my first couple of interviews…

Since I had my one job for 15+ years and the second one was with the company that bought the first one, I went on my first interview in over 17 years. I was kind of freaky. Had to make sure I wore the right clothes (had to pull them from the back of the closet.) had to figure out the shoes, since I broke my ankle I haven’t been in high heels so I had a nice pair of oxfordy things I wore. Made sure to bring a note pad, my resume, ect.

The first interview was at a temp placement, just sticking my toes in the water here, not looking for full time 40 hours, more like part-time, or temp couple of weeks or so. I want to work just not all the time. Looking to get out of the house, and make a little extra cash.

The second was with an actual employer who has a part-time 9-4 m,w,f opening. I think both went well. The second one I had to do a word test, and excel test and a grammar test. I hope I did ok. I wonder if they will tell me 🙂


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