Vegetarian = adventurous 4 me anyway

When you go vegetarian you kind of have to change your whole way of thinking, so you end up trying things you might have glanced over on the menu before.

The other day we went to Buffalo Wild Wings, the good thing, they have a Blackbean burger, something I never would have tried before, but I did it and guess what….it was good. Kind of tasted like someone took a bowl of chili and mashed it into a patty. I can and will do that again.

Instead of going to the ‘ole standbys of meat and potatoes, you have to look a little closer, take a slightly longer look at what is available to you. If I go somewhere I first look for tofu (now blackbean) then fish, then chicken. It is amazing how many places now offer meatless options.

So let me take a moment to thank all the “hippies” and “vegans & vegetarians” of years gone by, because you are the reason I can make the transition fairly painlessly and with lots of options.

THANK YOU! I am sure all the creatures of the earth agree with me 🙂


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