hmmm…wrap match, get paid for putting ads on your car

Hey, sounds like a good idea to me. So I went online and added my car. I got a call in about 15 minutes. They told me a little about how it works, you put on a ad on your car, either small like on the side or window of the car of a full wrap around your car and get paid $50 to $400 a month depending on the size and duration of the ad.

Ok, I will go for it, he tells me they have to do a background and driving check, sounds reasonable, but I had to pay $9 of the $29 fee, ok that is fine.
So after I pay my fee, he states, “I have added you into are Premium package, after your free trial ends this means for 7.99 a month you get a dedicated account manager, a unique referral link to use which gives you $10 everytime someone signs up and you are guaranteed to get an add in 2 weeks.”

So people I will keep you informed. If you are interested in this yourself here is the link<&gt;

Let’s see if this works. I could use the cash for just driving around 🙂


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