I am not a big believer in “organized” religion…

While I believe in God, I believe religion was made and has been abused for centuries by men. I believe everyone has the right to their beliefs however. So as you know I have been out of work for over a year now, and I am looking for a part-time job.

That doesn’t mean it has been easy, so I got a book, (via paperback swap, where I get a lot of my books, swap for cost of postage) “Your Money Map”.

I start reading and realize it is christian bible based, at first I am like hmm, bunch of hoey! But I will keep reading. One of the first things it wants you to do is deed everything to god, which would be fine, except with my inherent trust of “organized religion”, I can see a church getting a hold of it and trying to take your stuff. I know that probably won’t happen, but remember, I AM entitled to my beliefs. So I skip that part, and I read further along. The book has some very good helpers in it, and I am surprised just how many references to money there are in the bible.

But the reason for this post is because at one point, it states as in all things, stop trying to do it all yourself, give it up to god and believe. Also the lord helps those who help themselves, so don’t expect a lottery win, it takes work and commitment. “He” will take care of your needs, not you wants, you need to know the difference, and you need to tithe, it doesn’t have to be money, it can be your time and experience. (of course this is all boiled down to fit in the post)

Well after crunching my monthly numbers and coming up short, I was Fustrated and just said “F” it, that’s it, I give up. I am leaving it up to the lord.

Now there weren’t any thunderbolts or lightning, I didn’t hear “him” speak to me, I didn’t win the lottery, what I did feel was Relief. An awww moment.

So as you may also know I have been selling jewelry for a while as a hobby and extra money, and I recently got kicked off of ebay for some reason even though I had over 300 A+ reveiws and 100 perfect feedback, so my sales have plummeted. Which is why I am looking for part-time work.

Since I have given it over to the Lord my sales have spiked, out of no where. I am amazed, it could be coincidence, maybe a small spike, but a consistent stream of sales? Oh I think someone is looking out for me. On my end, I am keeping up the quality of the items I sell and taking care of my customers.

Tithing can be an issue, the books says to tithe to your church first and then other things you are interested it. Well I don’t go to church (see above) so I started sending some money to an organization I have given to before Heifer International. Check it out, they give livestock and education to those in need and those in need are expected to pass the gift along to others. I have already been sending money to Feed the Children for years. And I am going to start volunteering my time again to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

So I am just passing the word, I am not a preacher, or a “religious freak”, but I have experienced something I can’t explain, so it is up to you what you believe, but as Carry Underwood sang “Jesus take the wheel” I am going to let someone else drive for a while 🙂


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