Wrapmatch update….

So remember I paid 9.99 for by driving background check and 7.99 for the “premium” subscription, well I get my first offer, here it is in all its glory:

Get Excited!
Your first campaign! We’re looking for 15 drivers in your area to make between $150 – $450 a month promoting yours truly…WrapMatch! (Watch the video below for details)

You will be assigned a beautiful decal (1×3 ft, image above) and your very own unique toll free number like (ex.1 888-555-9806). <—- not a real number

    Any time someone signs up for WrapMatch by calling your unique number you will make $10 cash

. That simple. This is one of the highest paying campaigns that we are running right now so we thought you’d love it as a starter. We have drivers making $350 a month regularly! Not only can you now get paid to tell your friends and family about WrapMatch but strangers who see the decals add to your monthly earnings too!

We are going to take care of the cost of the decal and the cost to create your unique number.

    We just ask you to pay a small shipping fee to get it to you.

This email has been sent out to A LOT of people and the first 15 to fill out the google form will get the gig.

So Basically they want me to promote THEM for FREE and make $10.00 if someone falls for the scheme like I did, AND they want me to pay for the Shipping to Promote their scheme….NO Thanks. So I sent an email requesting and end to my Premium Billing.

I will keep you updated.


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