Wrapmatch response to my request to cancel the “premium” billing

Emailed response

“Getting campaigns started is expensive. So to be able to guarantee and ad for every premium member we cover the set up cost so that the business who is advertising has less cost to get started. In exchange, we tell the business they have no say in which cars to use for the ad campaign so that we are able to give an ad to every premium member. Because this is such a large expense for us, we only offer this program to people who are paying for the premium membership. For basic members, the business pays the set up costs and they get to hand pick which cars they want to use; thereby taking away any say we have in who gets to participate.

That is how we are able to guarantee premium members a campaign offer within two weeks, but not basic members. Are you sure you want to cancel? ”

My response was

Yes I still want to cancel.

What I wanted to say is ” you took 9.99 plus 7.99 and are offering me a promotion for YOUR company, that pays ONLY when someone signs up, plus you want me to pay for shipping, ooooh, fool me ones shame on YOU, fool me twice shame on ME.”

So we will see what their response is to this.


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