Want vs Need

I have been using the Want vs Need practice to help control my spending. Because lets face it, I WANT a lot of things, I don’t really NEED any of them 🙂

I need to water my yard, I want to fix my sprinklers, (one is shooting straight up, one isn’t doing anything at all, and they are all to powerful and spraying the yard and pavement) Yet I don’t have a job and money is tight, so I bought a cheap sprinkler to put at the end of my hose and it takes a little more effort and time but my grass is going Green without much money spent 🙂

I need to lose weight and work out, I want to join the gym, I already have a yoga mat and a stair thing I bought years ago, I found some work outs on youtube and I am going them at home. So know I just need to get my lazy arse off the couch on do them 🙂


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