5/23 – daily food blog post

Got up, did the usual, clean kitchen, feed dogs (give poor iggy his shot), started some laundry. Reworked some on-line bonanza listings. Got hungry 🙂

Breakfast – I was lazy and right in the middle of computer stuff so I had a dark choc nature valley granola bar. mmm, mmm good 🙂


Snack – Yesterday, I got a new jar of Laura Scudders PB, didn’t notice it was unsalted until I opened it, not sure that really matters. I dumped it out in a bowl, mixed it with the beater, then added my raw honey :,) and mixed it again and then put it back in the jar. Of course it all wouldn’t fit, so I HAD to eat the extra, you know How I hate to waste food. Puttin it on some homemade bread I toasted 🙂

Lunch/dinner/snack/dessert – OMG I am too old, I forgot what I ate, I was going to update this today (5/27) I have drawn a complete blank. Oh well I am sure it was good for me 🙂


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