Baby wants her “back” back Jack!

The other day I was complaining in a “good way” that my pants keep falling down, because I am thinking, YEA I am losing weight, and what does my husband say “well they are getting lose because you are losing your butt, not weight”!

W….T….F….!!!! Holy Freaking Shinola! This is so wrong, I need my Butt back! I don’t need no bubble butt, or Brazillian butt lift, I am only 5″, I get to many curves and I look like I belong on a Pole 🙂 But Baby does need some back! So out comes the Step, gonna be doing my step classes and biking…..uugghhhh.

Let’s face it, I ain’t trying for “HOT” takes to much time and effort, I am almost 50, married with grown kids, I am no a Celebrity and I am not trying out for my own “reality series”, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look nice. Everyone wants to look healthy and nice, and hey, if you got it flaunt it, I just need to get mine back 🙂


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