Conserving water can be done…..

I live in freaking drought CA….but as you can see from my bills below, the whole house uses less water then we are alotted, and I don’t have any fancy rain catchment system, (I wish I did though šŸ˜¦ ). I just changed the way I did things.

1. Dishwasher – use the setting that is the shortest, I use Light/China on ALL my dishes, they all come out clean, this is the shortest cycle.

2. Washer – I use the shortest setting here also on ALL my clothes, including towels and jeans, they all come out clean. The Perm Press cycle is the shortest at 44 min, instead of some that are over an hour. Now if you can, once your old washer goes out, replace it with a front loader, it goes from about 40+ to 14 gallons of water.

Not only does using the shorter setting save water, it also save on Electric also…win/win šŸ™‚

3. Watering my lawn, as in a previous post, my sprinklers aren’t working, if yours are, you only need to water every other day, and only for 1 to 5 min. My hose leaks, so I have my watering can, that I put where the water comes out of the hose and I use that to water my garden boxes.

4. We use the water we take in the bedroom with us at night, to fill up the animals water dish and plants if it is left over.

These are some simple quick items, that really don’t cost you anything, but make a big difference.




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