I am hungry but not sure what I want….

1/2 tomato, hummus, tofu polish sausage, kale salad….bleech

hmmm, I am not a fan of the kale salad, it is very strong, so I put it in pan with some balsamic, then I said what the hell, and cut up the tofu polish sausage and thru it in there also.

I pulled out a low carb pita and cut it in half and toasted it, then I put some hummus inside of it, added the tomato and they the tofu and salad. Kinda of like a falalel with Tofu sausage instead.

It was pretty good, I am trying to figure out what to do with the salad, ate 1/2 the bag so far, really hate to throw away.

So that was my kitchen-mash up lunch today. Also I had cherrios with papaya, since I bought 1/2 a papaya and didn’t want it to go bad either, it was pretty tasty 🙂


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