Your already eating like a vegetarian….didn’t know that did ya…

hmmm, lets think about it for a min…

Mac & cheese, cheese ravioli, grilled cheese, 3 bean salad, potato salad, PB & J sandwich…. cream cheese jalapino poppers, french fries, pancakes, oatmeal, grits, cereal any of these sound familiar??

It isn’t hard or expensive to go veggy, not I did not say vegan, cause cheese es no bueno. But overall lots of pasta dishes can be made without meat, and boom veggie without trying. You don’t have to buy “specialty” vegan frozen meals…they had a great deal (see 1.29 above) but usually round $2.00 the ones below are lean cuisine and weight watchers, but just keep an eye out when any of them have a sale and stock up. I just had a great butternut squash with yellow carrots and asparagus for wait for it…$1.29 HA!

Pasta with ricotta and spinach, spinach artichoke ravioli, mushroom mezzaluna ravioli, five cheese rigatoni…any of those sound like I am “forcing” myself…I think not! Add a fresh salad, and maybe some garlic bread and a nice wholesome veggie meal. And if it is a night maybe a nice glass of vino 🙂

I try and make my own pasta, but I can only make one type so it is nice to have some variety.


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