Poor little Iggy…..had a growth on this eye…had to have it removed

the growth, not the eye šŸ™‚ He is blind from the diabetes already but I think he can still see shadows, but that could get worse, snag, get bigger, infected ect….so off it came!

He is such a good natured dog, I only noticed it because I thought he had an “eye bugger” but nope a growth.

My buffer money is rapidly shrinking, I am hoping this is the last problem with my puppy. As long as his tail is curled he is happy, so we keep on going. If his tail ever goes straight, not sure what I am going to do, he only does that when he is scared or unhappy.

But our pets are not disposable, if you have the means, you keep them healthy, I feel very much for those who get in the position of caring for a pet for caring for your family, that is something I don’t know how I would react. My thoughts and prayers are with those in that position.

But as long as I can afford it and he is happy we will keep chugging, eatting, pooping, sleeping and walking …..:)


3 thoughts on “Poor little Iggy…..had a growth on this eye…had to have it removed

  1. Do you believe that a dog in distress because of ill health can still remember the good times and be comforted by them? A man with solid knowledge of science once said to me that, no, dogs and cats and other pets live only in the present; and if their present is distressing, then everything for them is. It’s hard for us as humans to think about that because we _do_ remember the good times, and that’s also what can make it hard to say goodbye. May you have a long time yet with your beloved Iggy before what remain of him are your memories.

    • I was thinking and I your man might be wrong, because if pets only live in the present, why would they walk miles to get back home to the place they remember filled with love when they get lost? Why would they lay down on graves when owners die and not want to leave? Why will they return again and again to a house that once housed them and their family when they are given to shelters? If they live only in the moment these feelings and memories would have been forgotten, buy obviously they aren’t.

  2. I plan to enjoy them, that is why I keep an eye on his tail, to see if he is happy or not. Once it is straight I have to decide what to do.

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