Endangered & Extinct Animal “Hunting” in Texas

Yes that is right people, you need to see Showtimes 7 Deadly Sins, Greed, the last episode.

In it so called “hunters” pay to go to a “Ranch in Texas” and “hunt” regular and endangered and extinct in the wild animals!! How is this legal???

Not only that but the ranch is Fenced in and there is Feeding stations to almost gaureentee a “kill”.

This is not sport, I am not a hunter, however, I understand and the fact is most hunters also use actual skills and eat what they kill.

In my opinion, it is not hunting or sport to kill an animal that is lured in by feeding stations and is fenced in so they can’t escape. Add to the fact that they don’t eat it and just want to mount it on a wall some where, then add to that they are killing ENDANGERED and EXTINCT animals, it is disgusting, I personally think the person who runs the farm and the people who visit it are scum of the earth. They just want to kill something for killing sake. I hope that they get gored by one of the Water buffalo or kicked by one of the ostrichs. Yep they had those there to.

Check out the show and see for yourself, I am not exaggerating, they are killing endandered and extinct animals for cash.

I am asking everyone to repost this please, this must be stopped. I have already called the Wildlife Dept and I am waiting on a call back on how this can be allowed and even remotely legal.

This must be stopped NOW!


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