I am not happy about “canned hunts!”

Thank you for contacting us about “canned” hunting.

We share your concern for the animals slaughtered in such hunts, which are transparently devoid of any semblance of a “sporting” element and conducted by unscrupulous people who stalk and kill semi-tame animals who have no chance of escape.

Canned hunts are nothing more than prepackaged slaughters. Animals are confined to fenced areas so that they can easily be cornered with no chance of escape. Many of these animals are hand-raised on game ranches and accustomed to the presence of humans. It’s common for them to trot trustingly in front of canned hunters for a handout of food. Instead, their reward is a cruel death.

A lesser-known connection to canned-hunt ranches is that zoos often sell “surplus” animals, even endangered species, to private buyers. Zoos conveniently ignore the fact that many of these animals are then sold to game ranches. Indeed, some zoos bypass an intermediary altogether and openly sell animals directly to auctions or canned-hunt organizers.

The Humane Society of the United States also works to help stop canned hunts (http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/captive_hunts/). We encourage you to contact HSUS for more information about how you can help animals victimized by hunters. Please use the form at http://www.humanesociety.org/forms/contact_us/wildlife_contact_form.html or call 202-452-1100.


2 thoughts on “I am not happy about “canned hunts!”

  1. Having a fox chased by 30 dogs was not a practice that thrilled many people, either, which is why England banned fox hunting some years ago. But I’m guessing that shooting disabled animals is considered an acceptable alternative to shooting fellow people, which is another favorite American pastime.

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