Well…I am doing it…nothing

that’s right, right now I am doing nothing, it is harder then it sounds. I am sitting in my cool lattice papason chair (that folds up no less) in my back yard, with a glass of tea….doing nothing!

It is slightly warm, but with a breeze, the dog is relaxing with me, the birds are taunting him, but he doesn’t care. Not sure where the other one is and the cat is in a box in the garage…go figure.

I have done the laundry, moved some pictures, picked up the dog mess, and done work in my office to start getting ready for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

I am always doing something it seems, so I decided, hey, I am unemployed, so I am going to enjoy it, screw this, got my tea, got my laptop, got my dog and outside we went.

Now the real question is how long can I stay out here and do nothing 🙂


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