What I miss most not working

Of course the number one thing would be the money, but after a few rough patches it has sorted itself out.

But the biggest thing I miss is the interaction between myself and my coworkers/friends. You saw them everyday, and communicated not just about work, but about everything.

When you first get unemployed everyone tries to stay in touch, but the reality is you all live spread out, so the one common place was work. After a while it starts to peter out.

I really miss being engaged, challenged, having something to do every day. That is why I would love a part-time job. I don’t miss any of those things enough to go out and get another high pressure job like I had, but a nice part-time job would allow me to interact with others and keep me engaged. Of course having some extra spending money would be nice to.

What I don’t miss about work is the drive…I hate the freaking freeway…auugghhh.

I don’t miss the politics that sometimes happen at larger offices. I don’t miss getting up early. I don’t miss getting sick everytime someone comes to work sick.

In the end, even with less money to spend, and having to worry sometimes about making a payment, I am happier and healthier and my family is happier also.

as they say, happy wife happy life 😉


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