Yoga…it makes a difference….really…

as you may know from following me I am a flake, A.D.D. and all. But for a while I was going about 2 to 3 times a week to yoga. Not the pretzel twisting yoga, but a gentle yoga, theraputics and if I was feeling my oats at level 1/2.

But then my membership ran out and we went to another fitness place so my husband could do stuff to. Well that was fine, we went pretty good for a while (vacation and all was the incentive) but after vacation we pretty much flaked again, plus I HATE SPIN, and that is what he does….I hate biking for 1 hr, getting sweating and yet getting no where!!! And their yoga classes where just not interesting to me and were hard since I have no balance or flexability…..

So, when I don’t exercise I my hips get achy, and I guess I get grouchy because the other day my husband is like “you need to get back to your yoga classes, you have been grumpy lately”..oooo….kayyyy….after the initial…”your an ass” reaction to my husband, I took him up on it šŸ™‚

Yoga is good for you, it is even better for me, heck may even improve my marriage…as they say..happy wife, happy life šŸ™‚


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