oh…come…on….so many food shows out there

I wanna do it to! I wanna drive, fly, ect around the country, eating and get on TV.

I like to eat, I can’t cook, but so what, I told my husband, “lets get a trailer and go across country and tape us eatting” he said “no way, I would be the most hated guy”…he says this cause I have no sense of direction and can’t cook, and he is always being snarky about it….so he figures….people would hate him when he is snarky to me….I say “so what!…it would be fun” but alas, he has a good job, so I am stuck here, watching other people get paid to do what I could do….sigh..it just isn’t fair.

I have tried to get him to go on the Amazing Race and he absolutely refuses, cause I can’t drive a stick or read a map and you can’t use the gps. He believes I would drive him so crazy that he would get “death threats” and be the most hated guy alive….maybe that would happen MAYBE….but I wanna go.

he is such a party pooper!


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