OMG pumpkin madness…

Sooo, as you know I like to get the most out of my purchases.  So I got a pumpkin at the store, and it was a good size pumpkin, for 5.99.  It was a steal!

I didn’t cut into it, I left it as is, for use as a center piece.  It was purty.

So, then it was time to make pumpkin meat out of it,  well I cut around the top and pulled the handle (stem) , it came off, the top did not.  Sheesh….so I finally pried it open, I pulled out a ton of pumpkin seeds (which I cooked also) and then I realized it was kind of big….. it took 3 cookie pans (cutting it up in slices) to cook.

I must have 20 cups of pumpkin….so I put some aside for my dogs (it is good for their digestion), I put 4 cups aside to take to my mom, I gave her a hint, I am hoping for pumpkin bread.

And in my kitchen I have (ok had 12, now only 10) pumpkin muffins and I had 6 now only 5 small individual pumpkin pies.

PLUS a whole ‘nother container of pumpkin…..who knew it would make so much.  I will probably freeze some, do something to make pumpkin ravioli….I will show Holly Freaking Homemaker  🙂

So see you can recycle almost anything if you put your mind to it 🙂


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