some things I just don’t understand like…

why does anyone care that Kim K is in Dubai…..why do we care the Brad and Angelina are “fighting”…don’t we have anything better to do?  Everyone complains away women are shown in magazines, but then the best sellers are when they are showing “worst” beach bodies, or “worst” anything.  Do we really need to bring people down to feel better about ourselves??

WHO FREAKING CARES….I DON’T….none of the shit they do affects me in any way.  I wanna know what is up in the whitehouse, the drought, the crime, ect….

The news/scandal/muckracking is out of control and makes things bigger and badder then they really are.  I miss the good old days of reliable, unbiased actual news…..sigh…..

I could really care less who is sleeping with who, who had plastic surgery, who is friends or not….sheesh just like freaking HS.



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